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Our operations emphasize repeatability, accuracy, and safety. We use customized drone platforms to inspect buildings, wind turbines, power lines, oil refineries, bridges, dams, and many other assets. We provide both high-resolution imagery and 3D solutions.

Our experienced pilots and talented data processing team complete survey projects in a matter of days – not months. Alpinax produces GPS referenced, survey-grade site maps with an exponential increase in detail over land-based methods.

Exact stockpile measurement on a weekly basis. Our 3D site models provide quarry managers with up-to-date geotechnical information that supports drill and blast operations. Our flight teams gather data from above, reducing risk and allowing operations to continue uninterrupted.

Manage job sites from the air with real-time information. Compare plans and as-built progress with centimeter accuracy. We unobtrusively capture data to track progress and facilitate planning.


Alpinax works with a wide range of modern camera systems with sensors ranging from HD up to 8k. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best equipment to achieve your creative vision. Our passion for aviation drives us to operate the latest cinematic instruments to deliver dynamic images from both the ground and in the air. From concept to delivery, Alpinax is a one-stop production shop offering a full suite of post production services.

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Who We Are

Alpinax is a fully insured professional unmanned aircraft company specializing in aerial data collection through the use of custom aircraft and sensory payloads. From inspection and advanced 3D modeling to creative film production we have you covered from the skies.


Headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts, we have a central location to service the New England region. We’re also just 45 minutes from Logan Internation Airport and have teams ready to travel to you!

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