Pro vs Hobby

The explosion of ready to fly drones entering the market makes it easier than ever for anyone to get a camera into the air. The latest models have advanced flight controllers with obstacle avoidance to increase safety. New advances in battery technology allow for longer flight times. Almost all new drones are equipped with a camera. There is a time, however, when these drones just don’t quite cut it.

When a situation calls for professional photography, cinematography, or an industrial solution, the tool of choice is a heavy-duty, professional drone. Alpinax’s professional drones are designed for commercial and industrial applications. They are usually required to lift heavy payloads for extended periods of time. Land surveying, asset inspection, and thermal imaging are a few of the specialized missions flown by our professional drones. Capable of flying in extreme temperatures and environments, our drones are designed for flexibility, high performance, and reliability.

Because the operational requirements of professional drones are higher than those of most “hobby” drones, many commercial operators prefer professional drones or (the very tech savvy) build their own flight platforms. These specialized drones provide operators with a fully tailored tool.


Professional Benefits

  • Safety and assurance of experienced, certified, trained staff
  • Customizable payload for professional cinema cameras, stabilization systems, and airborne sensor packages for mapping or inspection
  • Heavy lift capability
  • Weather independent capabilities
  • Extended flight times
  • Flight characteristics that can be tuned to the specific application and payload
  • Multiple experienced operators for precision camera work

While professional drones open up a wide range of possibilities, they can only be as effective as the flight team. Alpinax has experienced and FAA licensed flight teams that ensure operations are conducted safely and efficiently. During our missions the the total value of airborne equipment can be as high as several hundred thousand dollars (yes, that’s U.S. Dollars). As such, our crews must be capable of precisely planning and executing a mission while managing all risk factors effectively.

With several complex systems operating simultaneously, the old adage “it’s not the tool it’s how you use it” defines our drone operations. During any given flight the pilot and camera operator are in constant communication. We work seamlessly to manage the aircraft’s systems, performance, and safety. The combined experience and effort of our professional flight crew’s members is the key to consistent, successful flights.

Alpinax Drone Services, based out of Massachusetts, leverages decades of flight experience to deliver tailored solutions to both common and challenging missions. Our equipment and techniques are designed to maximize operational safety while consistently delivering best-in-class results at any scale.


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