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Worcester is home to a number of historically significant artifacts that are commonly overlooked by locals. Part of this rich history includes Bancroft Tower. The home of this medievalesque structure is Salisbury Park, a small 12 acre plot hidden atop the residential area of prospect hill. Ask a local about the name Bancroft and they’ll probably recognize it as one of the city’s public schools or know it to be one of Worcester’s seven hills. All of these features of the city are in fact named after the same person.

Worcester native George Bancroft was a famous statesman and historian whose historical contributions reach far beyond state borders. In 1845, Bancroft held the position of U.S Secretary of the Navy, and is responsible for establishing the U.S Naval Academy in Annapolis. His high political stature even developed into a relationship with President Abraham Lincoln, who he delivered a special eulogy for in 1866. All of this U.S history originated from the same area that Bancroft Tower now stands. The 56 foot tower was built in 1900 by Stephen Salisbury III to honor the memory of Bancroft.


Technology Evolution

For a long time, innovation within electronic display has been focused on only two dimensions. Companies have battled back and forth to try and offer products with the best display to provide a better experience for consumers. Apple markets a “Retina” display on their MacBooks and TV manufacturers have made “high definition” a standard option. This attention to display resolution is starting to encounter its newest competitor: virtual reality. Virtual reality (VR) enables you to be fully immersed into a three dimensional world. No matter how clear that image on your TV gets, there is always a boundary between what you’re watching and the environment of your living room. That boundary is now being broken down. VR directly immerses you into a simulated 3D environment that tricks your brain to thinking you’re somewhere that you’re not.


Keep up with the Trends

The team here at Alpinax was able to use this technology and create a 3D model of the historic tower. Our pilots first develop a specific flight plan optimized for 3D reconstruction. Data collected on these flights is then analyzed to create a model that is now adaptable and versatile. This 3D model enables you to experience and analyze the structure without being at its actual physical location.


The point cloud from this model was also used in our most recent commercial! Watch it below: