Drones in Construction

Drones have fast become the latest craze in the world of photos and videos. It’s not hard to see why, as drones easily capture unique angles of exotic locations. While popular as a photographer’s tool, drones can be used for more than just pretty pictures.

Equipped with an array of sensors, drones are now being used by builders to plan and monitor their projects. Drones are able to collect data more frequently, faster than human surveyors. They provide data to allow construction managers to safely evaluate a location – remotely and without interrupting construction progress. Fast, accurate field data significantly improves the speed and quality of the design process.

In the right hands, drones provide rapid surveys and 3D site models with centimeter-level precision. In addition to cutting months from pre-construction planning, drones provide construction managers and engineers with up-to-date data throughout the building process.


Benefits of Construction Site Reports

  • Collect extensive live data of projects quickly
  • Compare as-built progress with plans
  • Measure and manage earthworks and stockpile volumes
  • Inspect site borders and overlay plans
  • Verify contractor reports
  • Evidence for settling disputes in courts
  • Report and verify environmental impact
  • Powerful marketing tool


Using Reports

Large projects follow a detailed schedule to ensure successful completion. Construction managers now have access to current updates on site status to compare scheduling drawings to as-built orthophotos. Construction industry estimates indicate approximately 15% of project cost is due to rework. By finding errors as soon as possible, time and money typically spent on rework can be saved.

Everyone involved in the construction process benefits as data can be shared across multiple platforms to encourage collaboration. Alpinax Drone Services delivers cutting-edge data that is compatible with current digital design tools, so engineers can integrate them with existing plans.

Our equipment, staff, and techniques maximize on-site safety while consistently delivering best-in-class results at any scale. Alpinax readily services partners in Massachusets, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and New York while still remaining accessible for projects across the US and internationally!

Contact our engineers today for sample data to see how Alpinax can save you time, money, and resources by integrating into your workflows.