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Drones for Construction

Scan and digitally reconstruct any site with centimeter accuracy. Our GPS referenced survey-grade maps allow you to compare as-built progress with design drawings. Revisit your construction sites any time with a wealth of actionable information at your fingertips. Ensure that your projects are completed on schedule, on design, and on budget.


  • Measurements and topographic surveys
  • Seamless integration with GIS
  • Improve feasibility studies and financial analysis
  • Enhance BIM models with high-detail scans
  • Evaluate site progress and stay on schedule

How do drones fit into your business?

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Zero Interruptions


Alpinax trained pilots unobtrusively capture data to from every angle. Decades of experience allows us to plan and execute flights with minimal impact to site work, with the highest level of safety.

Every Detail


Alpinax delivers next-generation site reports with a wealth of actionable data. Identify defects in three-dimensions, view details from multiple angles, and inspect the thermal behavior of buildings or panels.

3D Solutions


As-built models of any site are a powerful planning and evaluation tool. Manage earthworks with precision and quickly measure stockpile volumes. Share data across multiple teams to facilitate cooperation. Expedite projects with a full spectrum of actionable data.


We seamlessly integrate into your current workflow and provide you with ready-to-use deliverables. Accessible from anywhere!

Alpinax works with you for seamless, no hassle software integration. Full workflow integration means a nice and easy program adoption.

Compatible Software:

Alpinax compatible software, google, autodesk, autocad, civil3d, sketchup, sketch up, maptek, arcgis, globalmapper, global mapper, trimble.

*Contact us with compatibility questions, many options are available

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