Inspection Solutions

Drones for Inspections

Alpinax provides 3-D solutions to digitally reconstruct locations with centimeter accuracy. Unlock the capability to take as-built site measurements at any time, between any number of hard-to-reach points. Ensure projects are completed on schedule and on design. Produce georeferenced topographic maps, as-built plans, and stockpile volume estimations. Enhance planning, decision making, and design.


  • Reduce risk, increase safety, and lower costs
  • Accurately assess damage and areas of concern
  • Uninterrupted site work
  • High-precision measurements
  • Access hazardous locations

How do drones fit into your business?

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Speed and Safety

Alpinax quickly gathers inspection data and eliminates the need for cranes and scaffolding. With decades of flight experience, our FAA certified pilots can approach and observe objects of interest, with the highest level of safety.

High-Resolution Photo and Video

Rapidly inspect, evaluate, and plan repairs before mobilizing equipment and repair crews. Alpinax trained pilots reduce risk to personnel and minimize infrastructure downtime.

3D Solutions

Alpinax captures high resolution imagery and delivers 3D-solutions. We digitize the world to take as-built measurements with centimeter precision and allow you to revisit the site at any time. Using this data, our team of engineers can quickly create CAD models and technical drawings of existing structures.


We seamlessly integrate into your current workflow and provide you with ready-to-use deliverables. Accessible from anywhere!

Alpinax works with you for seamless, no hassle software integration. Full workflow integration means a nice and easy program adoption.

Compatible Software:

Alpinax compatible software, google, autodesk, autocad, civil3d, sketchup, sketch up, maptek, arcgis, globalmapper, global mapper, trimble.

*Contact us with compatibility questions, many options are available

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