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Drones for Mining

Streamline open-cast mine operations with rapid stockpile reporting and a wealth of actionable data. Take site measurements at any time. Evaluate difficult to reach locations. Enhance planning, decision making, and design. Ensure demand is filled on time and according to budget.


  • Stockpile measurements
  • Land evaluation
  • Drill and blast evaluation
  • High-precision site measurements
  • High-resolution orthomosaic

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Aerial Geotechnics


Alpinax delivers survey-grade site models with centimeter-accuracy. We provide 3D point clouds, DSMs, and orthomosaics compatible with popular quarry management software packages.

Seamless Integration


Alpinax unobtrusively captures data from the air, allowing site work to continue uninterrupted. Our experienced pilots and talented data processing teams deliver results in a matter of days: Next-generation data to enhance mine planning and compliance reporting.

Instantaneous Stockpile Measurement


Whether you’re measuring sand, rock or wood stockpiles, all it takes is a few clicks. Accurately forecast extraction and production costs while ensuring demand is filled on-time and in-budget.


We seamlessly integrate into your current workflow and provide you with ready-to-use deliverables. Accessible from anywhere!

Alpinax works with you for seamless, no hassle software integration. Full workflow integration means a nice and easy program adoption.

Compatible Software:

Alpinax compatible software, google, autodesk, autocad, civil3d, sketchup, sketch up, maptek, arcgis, globalmapper, global mapper, trimble.

*Contact us with compatibility questions, many options are available

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