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Drones for Surveying

Alpinax creates GPS referenced survey-grade maps with an exponential increase in detail over conventional methods. Our aerial platforms and post-processing capabilities drastically reduce the time and cost required to make accurate site assessments. Take advantage of our drone surveying tools to get projects started months ahead of schedule!


  • Topographic survey
  • Detailed land evaluation
  • Simplify site planning and encourage collaboration
  • High-precision site measurements
  • High-resolution point clouds and orthomosaics

How do drones fit into your business?

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Drones: A Powerful Geotechnical Tool


Alpinax’s mobile flight teams deploy sensor-rich aircraft to survey large areas with centimeter-precision. Our pilots draw on decades of experience to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Rapid Results


Expedite projects with a full spectrum of actionable data. In a matter of days, Alpinax delivers GIS compatible orthomosaics, digital surface models, and 3D point clouds. Our flight teams are mobile, fast, and flexible. They work alongside our talented data processing team to extract quality results from every flight.

Survey-Grade Accuracy


Enhance urban planning, terrain modeling, large-scale mapping, and cadastre. Our GPS referenced models provide precise measurements between any number of hard to reach points. High-resolution point clouds enable accurate volumetric measurements, unlocking the ability to precisely manage earthworks and monitor stockpiles.


We seamlessly integrate into your current workflow and provide you with ready-to-use deliverables. Accessible from anywhere!

Alpinax works with you for seamless, no hassle software integration. Full workflow integration means a nice and easy program adoption.

Compatible Software:

Alpinax compatible software, google, autodesk, autocad, civil3d, sketchup, sketch up, maptek, arcgis, globalmapper, global mapper, trimble.

*Contact us with compatibility questions, many options are available

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